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YNWA: The Story of Liverpool FC – Interview with the creator of the LFC History Show


It’s a show which should also be required viewing for any current players and staff who haven’t seen it, or future new arrivals at the club who want to get a feel for who they play for.

We spoke to the show’s creator, Nicky Allt, about its background, production, stories, and aims.

Were there any particular influences or moments, beyond the obvious subject matter, that inspired the transformation of Liverpool’s story into a stage show?

After the Istanbul final, followed by the Hicks-Gillett takeover, it felt like the club had climbed Everest by being back in the biggest final of all in 2005. Then after it was sold to the wrong buyers/owners, like we had fallen off the cliff on the other side.

I was the Union’s (Spirit of Shankly) first Chairman and got heavily involved with fighting for the club not to be bankrupted, and after the club was then sold again, to the present day owners, it just felt like the right time.

Though, I must add, we’re now at the stage where a trophy or trophies have become paramount to the show on-going, as that’s what the club used to exist for – and should always do in my humble opinion.

A good trophy winning habit will make Liverpool FC a good business, but a good business model does not necessarily mean trophies are on their way.

In my life, as a lapsed fanatic, who now gets to 15-20 games as opposed to 38 plus cup ties, it was just the right time to write this in 2011. I also, on my own journey, felt more capable as…

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