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‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Goodfellas’ actor Frank Vincent dead at 80


Frank Vincent, the New Jersey-bred actor who brought iconic wise guys to life in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” and HBO’s “The Sopranos,” has died.

He was 80.

Sources told TMZ.com that Vincent died Wednesday at a hospital in New Jersey.

“He had been ill for a few months now,” actor and friend Peter Dobson told the Daily News. “From what I understand, he went in a few days ago in some kind of bad shape due to a complication from a prior heart surgery.”

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“We were hoping he would pull through,” Dobson, who met Vincent making a short film in 2008 and was working with him on a feature titled “Asbury Park,” told The News.

Actor Frank Vincent of “The Sopranos” fame died at 78 on Wednesday.

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“It’s hard to believe he’s gone,” said…

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