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The damning report on Aso Rock Clinic (2)


 By Emmanuel Onwubiko

 There is this climate of impunity that this section creates, making it look like these persons can do just anything, including carting away public assets even from public clinics without being called to account until such a person vacates office. So, the questions of probity and integrity of the process of managing Aso Rock clinic are largely yawning for transparent responses.

Let’s also ask the managers, what kind of data are maintained in the Presidential clinic to record the beneficiaries and their status? What is the quality of regular audits that are carried out in that clinic to block leakages and theft of public funds which both the EFCC and ICPC Acts criminalise?

Why does government subsidise healthcare services for a few public office holders whereas the people who are the owners of the sovereignty of Nigeria are allowed to die from commonly treatable ailments such as malaria fever?

Section 14 (2) (a) of the Constitution states as…

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