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Roadshow: This bicyclist wants to pay to fill potholes

Q In a column on the coming increase in the gas tax, you said, “Everyone who uses the road system needs to contribute to the system.” This is the point I would like to expand on. I believe that even bicyclists should contribute to the upkeep of our streets. It may be as simple as a registration earmarked for street …

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Roadshow: Angry drivers rail against the gas tax increase

Q Can we have a ballot proposition to repeal this 12-cent-a-gallon gas tax increase? There was no public input. … Please explain why some gas tax bills make the ballot, while others, like this one, don’t? … This all happened so fast.Jack Avery, Jeff Wagner and many, many more A Fast? Not really. Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Sen. Jim …

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Roadshow: BART track shutdown will affect Mother’s Day

Q Again this year, BART is closing down a portion of the tracks that connect to the Fruitvale station on Mother’s Day and supplying shuttle buses instead. This causes long delays for people heading out to meet loved ones. Our daughter has seen people juggling balloons, flowers and gifts while bouncing between the trains and buses, and waiting for additional …

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Roadshow: New Highway 101 carpool lane looking more real

Q For the love of me, I cannot understand why there are no carpool lanes in San Mateo County on Highway 101 heading to SFO. Call me baffled. Hunter LeePalo Alto A Baffled and maybe hopeful. Officials in San Mateo County are looking at adding a carpool/express lane from Whipple Avenue to Interstate 380. This seemed like a pipe dream …

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Roadshow: Crazy driving stunts on 580, 17, 280

Q Over the course of 25-plus years of driving in the Bay Area, I’ve witnessed some jaw-droppingly horrible driving, from the guy with his iPad propped on his steering wheel while going well over the speed limit to motorcyclists doing wheelies in traffic to people backing up after missing an exit ramp. What letters have you received that caused you …

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Roadshow: Oops, sign at 17-280-880 gives wrong directions

Q I think the sign providing drivers directions from Interstate 280 north to Interstate 880/Highway 17 is backwards. I’ve looked at it twice in the last couple of days (usually I ignore those signs because I think I know where I am going). The sign on 280 near Leigh Avenue to north Oakland is to the left and the sign …

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