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Six of Coronation Street’s biggest plot holes EVER – remember them?


Soaps – love them or hate them, you can’t fault them for the way in which their writers think up new and engaging storylines for their characters, meaning there’s never a dull moment on screen.

But the complex plots of Coronation Street, complete with so many twists and turns, do mean that, occasionally fans will be left scratching their heads because something doesn’t quite add up.

There was one example of this on Wednesday night, when Pat Phelan’s daughter Nicola Rubenstein announced she was pregnant. But it confused some viewers because they couldn’t understand how she could possibly know that.

And that’s not the only confusion the beloved soap has caused in its 57 years on the screen. From changeling children and forgotten feuds through to things that even the Corrie characters didn’t notice, here’s a run-down of the soap’s biggest plot holes ever, according to the Mirror Online , from newest to oldest:

1) Nicola Rubenstein’s super-quick pregnancy

Nicola is pregnant with Gary Windass’ baby

Sick of getting stick from girlfriend Sarah Platt since coming back from the Ukraine, Gary Windass decided to confide in Pat Phelan’s Nicola Rubenstein, and hey presto, the next minute they had sex.

That was on Friday, September 29. Then, just 12 days later on Wednesday, October 11, Nicola revealed he’d actually impregnated her during their blink-and-you’ll-miss-it rendezvous.

Needless to say, viewers were all over it – struggling to work out how…

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