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‘Sick of this’ – Man United fans think they know where it went wrong versus West Brom


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho could apparently sense the complacency among his players all week following their 3-2 comeback win against local rivals City last weekend.

Whatever he said or did in the eight days between that victory and United’s 1-0 defeat at home to West Brom clearly didn’t have the desired effect.

The Red Devils put in a performance as insipid as any seen under the former Real Madrid manager’s stewardship to gift Manchester City the title the day after they had seen off Tottenham 3-1.

For some Manchester United fans, it is not good enough that Mourinho sensed the danger of defeat, he should have done more to prevent it.

After all, it is him who motivates, selects and shapes the team. There isn’t much use in highlighting the problems after the event and some United fans were keen to point that out.

We’ve taken a look back at the best of the reaction from an unhappy fanbase…

Well I’m afraid it’s the managers job to stop that from happening but as usual he deflects it away from himself. Clueless and has to go! #joseout

— Jonny Tumelty (@jonny_tumelty) April 16, 2018

Jose keeps talking aabout his past glories and his experience.

It is somewhat meaningless unless it translates into positive performances on the pitch

— FPL Counsellor (@IrishFPL) April 16, 2018

Mourinho needs to leave! He is yesterday’s news and literally has nothing to offer, as the media don’t find

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