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Premier League Official Statement reveals new UK TV deals for Sky Sports and BT Sport


The Premier League have announced details of winning bids by BT Sport and Sky Sports to show live matches for three years as from the 2019/20 season.

There were seven packages up for grabs.

Sky Sports have come out on top for four of the seven and will show 128 live matches per season.

Whilst the one package BT Sport have been successful with, sees them show 32 games live each season.

Two packages of 20 games each (details below – Packages F and G) are still to be confirmed.

In the bidding process it was announced that no one broadcaster could have the rights to more than 148 live matches per season, so Sky Sports could take one of these remaining packages, whilst BT Sport could take both. Alternatively we could see new successful bidders taking one or both.

The current contract (2016-2019) sees 168 matches per season shown live on BT Sport and Sky Sports and those UK rights were sold for a total of £5.14bn over the three years, which worked out at £10.2m per game.

The five packages so far confirmed for UK live TV rights (2019-22) are for £4.46bn, or £9.3m per match for those 160 games each season.

If the last two packages were sold at the same rate (£9.3m per game) then the deal would net £5.58bn v the £5.14bn last time.

However, the packages yet to be confirmed are very unlikely to be seen as being as attractive as the other five, so the likelihood is that the total amount of money will be very close to what the Premier League clubs currently receive.


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