By Camy Chima
Published by Family Writers

“I was not born to become a politician, an engineer, a public administrator, a business man, a rich man, but I was born just with a purpose which is to restore Biafra”, is the wonderful conclusion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.  It is on this conclusion from him that I make bold to say that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu does not use charm to gather people to himself but he is just a born leader who leads his people by example. He could have pursued his dreams in life through any other means like most of us are doing but he decided otherwise.

Nnamdi Kanu

He could still have met his life expectancy working in any company from any part of the world or running his own business empire if that would have been his desire. However, He didn’t make those choices. Instead he chose to become the voice of the voiceless, a sacrificial lamb for all of us Nigerian masses who have suffered immensely and are still suffering in the hands of wicked leaders who have no plans of repentance in any way. There is no type of humiliation and caricature which he has not suffered but he is not deterred just because he want to liberate the people of Biafra, Nigeria and Africa at large.

For some of us the masses who still join hands with our  oppressors who are the politicians in fighting this man; have it ever occurred to you that it is yourself and your children’s future you are fighting against?Have you ever tried to imagine where you could have been if things were properly planned from inception in Nigeria since 1914? Or is it because we have stayed for too long in darkness that we can no longer notice light when we see one? Have you ever ask yourself why is it that when people travel out of this Nigeria, even nearby African countries around us, will begin to see how backward things are in Nigeria? All these questions are begging for answers but must be answered by those gullible Nigeria youths especially the ones being hired to be promoting ethnic strife and hatred against Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB under the sponsorship of Nigeria greedy politicians of different parts of Nigeria who want our people to in remain in slavery perpetually.

Some Nigerians who have already travelled outside will still prefer never to come back to Nigeria because of the good things of life which they are enjoying abroad. Does it mean that our country don’t have man power and resources to make this Nigeria so enjoyable for every citizen? For those talking about restructuring, what made you think that the set of cynical political predators we called leaders can be relied upon to keep to tenets of the said restructuring? Can old dog learn new tricks? No!

So, you think somebody that has remained dubious all his life will wake up one morning and change to saint, how much more when it is a legion wicked politicians masquerading as leaders when nobody regards them as leaders.

So, it is on this note that I wish all youths, be you from Biafra, Arewa or Oduduwa, to support Nnamdi Kanu and take our destiny in our hands because we the youths are the most wounded in sorry state of Nigeria. If we divide Nigeria today, we will dismantle the present politicians who are oppressing our people and probably come together if we so desire later through mutual agreement. The youths of Nigeria should not forget too that we have only two tribes in Nigeria. That is “the Elites and the Masses”. That is why you see betrayal here and there. That is why the politicians become one only when Nigeria commoners. How I wish that whoever read will understand this text. God bless you all!

Edited by Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

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