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Written by Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

The incontrovertible fact is that Nigeria is not just a zoo, but a contraption, damnation and an entity of nonentities.

It is obviously beyond every conceivable doubt and an understatement that Nigeria is lower than a jungle. Nigeria was just created for the perpetual enslavement of Biafrans and the entirety of Africa.  This British business empire called Nigeria has done more harm than good to everything it has come in contact with. Yes! this British experiment called Nigeria has continually yielded all manner of disheartening results and therefore must be destroyed now and completely forgotten if we truly want a better and ingenious Africa. The earlier Africans recognize this and work towards it, the better for us all.

The name Nigeria does not in any way define who we are, our true identity, or even most importantly our culture. As we all know, the name Nigeria was created and given to Nigerians by Flora Shaw, the wife of Fredrick Lugard, a British ex convict sent to Africa to die of malaria.

 Just like one gives a name of his or her choice to any house animal and it answers without an objection, that is a clear example of how Nigerians accepted the name Nigeria without objection from the slave masters of British extraction.  It is never an exaggeration to say that every Nigerian lacks the ability to think and reason properly. Therefore, anyone holding unto Nigeria as an identity lacks reasoning, because it is  only animals that you give any name and they answer it without even knowing the meaning.  It is now clearly substantiated that anyone who has a sense of belonging would never wish  to be identified as a Nigerian.

Because Nigeria is a Zoo; Biafrans can never be part of it. It is  full of monkeys and baboons with no or little sense of belonging. They accepted a name given to them by a white man, as if they were animals who had no sense of reasoning and belonging. Whenever the name Biafra is mentioned, everyone will start stiff-necking and poke-nosing. They are preparing for war, while Biafrans are preparing for freedom. They are busy training soldiers, importing jet fighters and war planes hoping to crush Biafrans, not knowing that Biafrans are already combating them in a diplomatic and intellectual war. A call for self-determination is tagged a treason and a call for war. Forgetting that it is a universal law which the said Nigeria is signatory to. Unarmed and Peaceful agitators are tagged terrorists and massacred in cold blood .They fail  to understand that an ideology cannot be killed with guns and bullets, or forever undermined.

They are too insensible to know that an   ideology has never been killed in the history of the world. The supposed supreme constitution and laws are violated in a bid to crush Biafra. Injustice is the law. Biafra freedom is their nightmare. They vow Nigeria unity is not negotiable and refused to believe that Biafra freedom is sacrosanct.

Perversion of justice and bribery is the order of the day. In their monumental foolishness they thought that secret abduction, illegal detention, incarceration and wanton extermination of Biafrans is the only reasonable means to end the movement for Biafra restoration. In their stupidity they thought that the massacre of peaceful and unarmed protesters exercising their inalienable right is never a crime. They rejoice that rearresting Prophet Nnamdi Kanu will end Biafra agitation. However, they forget that Biafra lives in our brains and runs deep down into our veins. They never knew that Biafra restoration is heavenly orchestrated and cannot  be defeated by any other power that be.

It is only in a zoo country like Nigeria; that those who are paid to protect you, are the same people hunting for your head and derive pleasure in sucking your blood.  That truth is treason and now they have renamed it  hate speech. Their laws are meant only for  the impoverished citizens who are left in hunger and starvation, while the blood sucking leaders of shame keep getting richer by embezzling resources of the people. Their  law makers are at the same time the law breakers and chief custodians of corruption.

In this zoo, lies are patronized and accepted more than the truth. Pretense is completely their way of life. Unquenchable hatred dwell amongst the people. There is no basis or a laid down foundation for unity. The mind of the youths are deeply divided and can never unite. The media never report the truth, but are hell-bent on spreading lies on daily basis and misinforming the masses. The media is spuriously compromised and never engage in any atom of investigative journalism.Even the judicial system is corrupt beyond repair.

In the zoo,  corruption is a culture. Everyone is a rogue, a scammer and a fraudster. The politicians who loot dry the national treasury are hailed by the impoverished citizens who easily forget  that they are the enemies of their own future . These same politicians train and treat themselves and their children in schools and hospitals abroad, while leaving their country’s education and health system chronically dilapidated.

In the zoo, everything is a replica of corruption, ranging from the top to the bottom. Some group of citizens believe that they own the country and see it as an inheritance from their forefathers. They vow that the affairs of the country must always be presided by Hausa Fulani hegemonic  oligarchies. They act like animals with no brain and therefore lack the ability to reason and think like human being.

In their utmost ignorance, they think that whoever talks about freedom of Biafra is an enemy of the State , while the president rallies round campaigning for other nations’ freedom. Egocentrism and ethnocentrism come first in everything they engage themselves in. The roads are death traps that have continually wasted lots of lives on daily basis.  The ordinary citizenry cannot boost of steady electricity, clean drinking water.

Because Nigeria is a zoo;

Some set of people believe that they are  “Born to Rule” forever, while others are second class citizens who have no say no matter how bad they are treated and marginalized; forgetting that we are all human beings with equal and inalienable rights to existence.

The president is dead and buried yet they failed to recognize it. The cabals of Hausa Fulani hegemony imported a robot in place of the  President and have resorted to a dangerous politics with the masses in order to keep power in their region.

They are too insensitive to understand that Nigeria is ruled by northern cabals who are only preparing for the future and betterment of the north, amidst the imminent and unstoppable division of Nigeria.

Even with this  undeniable and inarguable  outlined facts, they will not still recognize that Nigeria is worst than a zoo, that ought not to be inhabited by animals let alone of sensible human beings.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers Press

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