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Monkeypox: Senate calls for proactive measure to halt spread


Members of the Nigerian Senate at a plenary. PHOTO: TWITTER/ NIGERIAN SENATE

The Senate on Tuesday urged the Federal Government to be pro-active in containing and preventing the spread of Monkey Pox disease already prevalent in parts of the country.

Monkey Pox is a rare and infectious disease caused by monkey virus, transmitted from animals to human and with symptoms similar to those of smallpox.

The first incident of the disease in Nigeria was reported on Sept. 22 in Bayelsa.

The Senate said that the Federal Government’s measures could be undertaken through state and local governments.
The lawmakers also advocated enlightenment of citizens about measures that could be taken to mitigate risk factors of exposure to the virus.

They equally called for proper liaison by the Federal Government with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other relevant donor agencies for contingencies against eventualities.

The call followed the adoption of a motion on “Urgent Need for Pro-active…

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