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Medf told to avoid political interference

The Parliamentary Committee on Social and Community Affairs has advised the Malawi Enterprise Development Fund (Medf) to avoid  political manipulation and interference to ensure that the fund meets its objectives.

The committee also challenged the fund to move from being a “corporate social responsibility [CSR] organisation to a business entity”.

The Medf team during the meeting on Wednesday

Committee chairperson Richard Chimwendo-Banda made the remarks at Parliament Building in Lilongwe on Wednesday during a meeting with the fund.

He said it was unfortunate that some politicians have abused Medf for the benefit of their political institutions and as a tool for campaigning, thereby abusing the resources Parliament approves for the fund.

On a positive note, though, the committee said it was happy that the new Medf executive management has taken a tough stance to guard against political abuse.

Medf chief executive officer Mervis Mangulenje said inadequate resources are some of the challenges hampering the fund from achieving its goals. n

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