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Man United’s Juan Mata blasts Liverpool ahead of huge clash


Big game

Juan Mata has made it clear that Manchester Untied have a huge game against Liverpool this weekend, and has also spoken about the goals he has scored in the games against them while in a United shirt.

Mata made it clear that not only do the players think about the game, but that it’s in the minds of the fans as well, and that United players know exactly how much it means to their supporters.

He spoke with Sky Sports ahead of the game, and said: “There is no game like this.

“Through the history there have been great games, big rivalries, and it is a special game to play in, and we feel very lucky to have the chance to play in these games.

“The view from Spain I think is that all of the big Premier League games are viewed similarly. 

“Once you are in England you realise United v Liverpool stands out.

“I have pretty good memories from our games against Liverpool. Every United supporter even now, after a few years, remind me of that goal. 

“When you play for United and score at Anfield and win the game, it stays in peoples’ minds.

“I believe so, since I came here I always knew the rivalry was big over the years. 

“Everyone in the training ground, fans in the street, they remind you that Liverpool is the game.”


Both United and Liverpool have to contend with injuries this weekend, and it seems that the majority of top clubs have been hit by the international break, with Chelsea worrying about N’Golo Kante, and Arsenal…

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