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Man Causes Panic Among Villagers After Displaying Black Coffin On His Farm. Photo


There was panic in Stutterheim village of Ndakana, South Africa after a farmer placed a black coffin near a fence on his farm and allegedly threatened to kill trespassers and put them inside it. According to reports, this happened after the Eastern Cape farmer identified as Frans Kruger, lost six cattle worth in less than two weeks.

Kruger told the Daily Dispatch that burying the coffin halfway in the ground was his way of protecting his livestock against thieves.

Local factory workers are now scared of using a servitude across Kruger’s farm to get to work, while traditionalists claimed the coffin would unleash bad luck on locals.

Zizeni villagers in Ndakana claim children as young as Grade R pupils had been traumatised by the unusual sight of the coffin.

Mlindi Tweni, 39, claimed that he had heard from Kruger’s employees that the farmer would kill trespassers and bury them in the coffin.

Kruger claimed that he and other farmers in the region had lost almost 60 cattle this year alone. “The police know about the problem of stock theft in the area so I am doing something to protect myself,” he said.

Villagers said they too were victims of livestock theft.

Kruger denied allegations that he had threatened to shoot and bury villagers in the coffin. “That is not true, I have never engaged with anyone from the community.”

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