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Jinky Jim produces feel good antidote to current Newcastle United troubles – The great times to be a fan


I think it is fair to say that these days, it’s not the best time to be a Newcastle United fan. You may say that it never is. Sadly following this club can sometimes feel like being a fully paid up member of some S&M club.

Just what I have heard, I’m guessing of course.

Anyway, it got me thinking that my piece this month could be about times when things have been even worse than now, but I reckon we are all miserable enough, without looking back at the likes of losing 4-0 at Southend.

So to try and cheer you up, a better idea is to look back at some of the times that live in my memory as truly magical times.

Times when it really was a pleasure to be a Newcastle fan.

January 1976: League Cup Semi Final

50,000 in St James Park, including this long haired teenage waste of space, to see Newcastle overturn a one goal deficit from the first leg at White Hart Lane by winning 3-1  and take us to Wembley.

I started the game at the top right end of the Leazes (East Stand side) and ended the game close to the cinder track at the bottom. I don’t think my feet touched the ground in 90 minutes.

What a night this was. Even coming back home to find the girlfriend behind Bells chip shop with my best mate, who was supposedly too ill to go to the match, couldn’t dull the  euphoria of this night .

Summer 1982: Kevin Keegan signs for Newcastle

Had away and shi.. man.  Had you ever heard anything so stupid in all your life?

Keegan was arguably the most famous footballer in Europe…

…more on post

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