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Itoro is all about unleashing the giant in you-Veronique

Singer and song writer, Veronik Adaa is heating the entertainment scene up as she has just released a single, Itoto.

“I am so excited. My latest single, Itoro is heating up the airwaves. Itoro is an inspirational song that inspires you to awake the giant in you. The response has been awesome! The message is, no matter how bad life is, if you are hardworking, you can still make a good life in your country“In Paris I see a lot of stranded Nigerians in Sambro, a lot of girls standing along the streets and waiting for men to pick them up. I see a lot of blacks suffering. And I am like, instead I staying here and suffering, I would rather go back to my country and live well. Itoro is telling them you can have a good life in your country. Even if you are from a poor background,  you can still be something. So the song is a kind of encouragement for all those who are down,” Veronique added.
Veronique’s first official single, Radio Now, recorded several successes, with heavy rotation in nite clubs across Gabon.  Her last single ‘Do Me Like This’ was released on February 20 and produced by Fliptice. This was shortly followed by the visual, which was shot in Paris and Nigeria.
Veronik Adaa is multi-talented. She  has displayed skills and love for fashion. She created the costumes for her photo shoots and video. 

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