By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

The number of extra-judicial killing of innocent Nigerian citizens by the Nigerian security forces is highly provocative and has reached it’s crescendo. Many Nigerians have been killed both in secret and in the open by Nigerian military and police and were branded armed robbers or hoodlums. Till today, they just died without given a chance to answer for the crimes they were accused of because they were not taken to court for justice to take it’s cause, but rather were murdered extra-judicially and no one cares. No one actually comes to clear or stand by them and in most cases when the families of those victims comes, they will be denied access to see the victims, hence the victims are tortured to death or secretly killed in the most barbaric manner by their captors- Nigerian security forces.

We all were here when some Igbos in Abuja popularly called the “Apo six”, who were returning from a night party were rounded up and killed by the Nigerian police that ought to have protected them and the victims were branded criminals, even many Nigerian media outfits carried the news. These set of victims of police killing were lucky that the police were caught and exposed and  their names were cleared, at least they were given proper burial but until now that case is still in the law court and may have been shut down and closed forever. With the scarely and fraudulent disposition of  Nigerian judiciary, do not think that when those murderers in khaki kill you, there will be justice, because even the judicial system in Nigeria has been bambuzzuled and basterdized, hence you might not be as lucky as those whose murder was exposed. The sorry state of the Nigerian judiciary, her fragrant disobedience to legitimate court rulings or orders, even now that the judiciary has become the puppet of the executive arm of Buhari’s led APC government, just know that when the Nigerian Army or police kill you, you will be buried in a shallow grave and nothing will happen.

 Nigerian security apparatus has been for ages killing Nigerians and branding them all sort of criminal names. They killed scores of unarmed IPOB peaceful protesters and branded them miscreants. Now tell me, where it was written that miscreants should be murdered and had dangerous chemicals poured on their bodies? Do not forget that there have  been records of police shootings and killings during and after elections in Nigeria. Sometimes in 2016, during election in River state, Biafraland, there were scarely and gory pictures and video of people that were killed, even to the extent that many had their heads separated from their bodies. Many people were kidnapped, tortured and most of them did not make it out alive. It has become a norm in Nigeria that people must be sacrificed on the alter of politics via electioneering hence, people become endangered species in their own land just because they want to elect a leader.

It will be assumed that you embarked on a suicide mission, if you go out there to vote on 18th November, 2017 billed for Anambra state guber and have yourself killed. It is pertinent, for people to make out time to be in  moment of solitude sometimes, to be able to ask ones’ self some important questions while introspecting.  Questions like; why is it that all these years I have been voting and till date there is nothing to show for it? Those that I have been electing, have they been representing me as supposed? Does it really worth it to die while voting in election? I think after asking and providing the answers to these questions yourself, you will have more reasons to take a drastic  decision to either stay clear from Nigerian election or completely reject Nigerian politics for good.

Since the creation of the fake entity called Nigeria by a certain man from Britain, you have been voting without anything to show for it, up till now your votes have not yielded the required dividends of democracy. It has been disappointment all the way. The politically induced South-east and South-south, have the worst road network in the entirety of Nigeria, poor health facilities with little or no medical equipments, the few government schools are with delapidated buildings, poor government policies that have taken a toll in all facets of businesses with its deprecating tendencies.

We have been voting in presidents and governors, yet we are in ruins. They are not working to elevate our poverty striking situations rather these political gladiators are embarking on personal aggrandizement and embezzlement of public funds. Even to pay ordinary salary they assemble in Abuja to collect every month so as to pay the civil servants, they will collect it and will not pay them (civil servants). But will rather owe them several month salaries and in most cases will ask those workers to take 70 percent of the unpaid salaries and forfeit 30 percent, not minding that those workers worked for it and that they have families to carter for.

Now, election is here, they have rolled out millions of the worthless Naira and maybe food items and you as a government worker has forgotten that your 5month salaries have not been paid and that all day long, you have your phone being checked every minute because you are expecting to see alert that will never come for months, and out of sheer ignorance or would I say stupidity, you are now campaigning and preparing to go out to vote for those that treated you like slave, that made your family go hungry for days, that made your children drop out of school or being sent back home because of unpaid school fees; infact, from today start seeing yourself either as a dead person, walking corpse or even an animal that lack the ability to reason.

And now ask yourselves, does it really worth it to die while voting in elections? These same people that are begging and promising you heaven and earth that will never be fulfilled, will still roll out military weapons and there will be military and police checking points all over the streets waiting for you to come out to vote and get yourself be killed in a disguised name “hoodlum”. Be reminded that most of these military men are ill- trained and are trigger happy that they can shot without provocation and brand you hoodlum that is disrupting public peace and nothing will happen, no justice for you, hence you become a government property. Why then will you sacrifice your soul for those that meant no well for you and will rather see you suffering in penury than alleviating your poverty striking self?

The Indeginous People Of Biafra (IPOB), as we all know is a non violent organization who have championed the cause of Biafra without arms. They have been killed in their thousands by the Nigerian security forces and have been imprisoned without taken to court or having access to family members, even with little or no medical attention especially when needed. With all this peaceful nature of IPOB, Nigerian military still kill them. So what made you think these military men will not come out on that election day to kill people? Therefore, Come 18th November, 2017, you have two mandate to keep.

The first is for you to come out and die while voting and nothing will  happen and secondly stay clear from pooling stations by staying at home and enjoying your “Ofe Nsala” white soup. If you think your life is not important to you, remember you have loved ones who are your beneficiaries and whose lives will be ruined should anything happen to you in the course of electioneering. Ask yourself if voting in Nigeria worth giving in your life, be it voting in Imo state or Anambra state? Your life is of paramount and it matters.

However, Biafrans have paid more than other ethnic nationalities for the unity of this nation. In 1953, our brothers and sisters paid the ultimate prize for championing the independence of Nigeria from Britain. HausaFulani actually descended on Igbos and other Southerners living in Kano, killing thousands for demanding independence from Britain. Imagine, in 1966 more than 300,000 Southerners majorly Igbos were killed. We have suffered and have been denied basic needs of life, why then should we continue with same thing and expecting different result? These political mafias will not offer anything when voted in because they actually have nothing to offer.

Remember, the leadership of IPOB is only asking you to give your life a new meaning for once by compiling to the election boycott directive so as to get the desired result in this Biafra restoration project. The reason the North has been overlording every body is because since Major General Odumegwu Ojukwu in 1967, questioned and challenged the legitimacy of Nigerian amalgamation and the sufferings and killing of innocent Biafrans all over Nigeria,  no one has ever  come up with such a challenge until the emergence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra.

Even the governors and politicians from the old Eastern region have all been intimidated into submission to the extent that they now worship the Northern caliphate so as to remain relevant in politics and I tell you these politicians will never represent you and I in a million years to come. In most cases, these Jihadists that see themselves as the owners of the contrapted Nigerian state always uses security might to subdue politicians from Biafraland to do their biddings for crumbs and for political relevance. The Northern political mafias, always accuse Biafran politicians of corruption, thereby making them look terrible in the Nigerian political space while the real thieves and treasury looters mainly from the North according to record( I did not formulate this check the internet and see the names as released by BBC) arrogates themselves as saints.

The Northern politicians have applied stunning degrees of subterfuge and propaganda in achieving this. This is exactly why Abacha and his wife are not corrupt, while Stella Oduah is corrupt, Atiku Abubakar is not corrupt, but Daziani Madueke is corrupt and Goodluck Jonathan ex-president is corrupt, while his Vice from the North is a saint.  They have been enjoying the slave master status cum demigods until God sent us a hero in the person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He has paid every prize, given up his freedom and also ready to pay the ultimate prize for the sake of us all. He has questioned the injustice that is “One Nigeria”. He has given every body a voice, even to his haters. Why not join the peoples’ train and save your life by staying indoors on 18th November, 2017 billed for Anambra state gubernatorial election.

Boycott the Nigerian election in Biafraland. Do not sabotage the collective decision of the people but join hands together and disappoint Nigeria and their murderous military and police by staying at home come 18th November, 2017.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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