By Kalu Nwokoro Idika
For Family Writers Press

Since the resurgence of the call for Biafra restoration came back to the front burner of issues in Nigeria, the Northern enclave has been on a boiling point irrespective of the peaceful and civilized nature of the agitators. All the groups from Northern Nigeria have been approximating the call for referendum by the Indigenous People Of Biafra to simply mean a call for “war”. To them, it is a taboo to be civil. Perhaps, it is common and genetically ingrained in them to always embrace naked power in addressing issues that requires common sense and logic which the dreaded bokoharam is a glaring case in point. But, to their utmost chagrin, IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is a game changer came with a strategy that is second to none. A strategy that stubbornly ruffled the feathers of some vested interest.

What a very disgraceful and contradictory assertion from Coalition Of Northern Groups. Asking the United Nations (UN) to proscribe IPOB a terror group, infact, is the height of madness and senselessness. People who go about their agitation without any lethal weapon! People who have not in anyway obstructed public peace or killed any body. Rather, they have been a victim of State sponsored terror. Thousands of Biafrans have been maimed and butchered in cold blood by the Nigerian security forces while embarking on peaceful assemblies, rallies and protests. Even many who were secretly abducted are still languishing in the various prison facilities in Nigeria while others were taken to unknown locations probably for summary execution or assassination. Men and women who never committed any crime but were merely exercising their God-given right – self determination. There are hundreds, if not thousands of pictorial and video evidences we can readily provide to substantiate this claim.

Firstly, it is highly hypocritical and contradictory on the part of Coalition Of Northern Groups to call on United Nations to organise a referendum in other to address the “Biafra question” and on the other hand, advising and encouraging the same United Nations to proscribe IPOB a terror group. Not only that, that United Nations should also initiate a criminal actions against Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra and his followers. This is really a very pathetic and laughable situation. The problem with these Northerners is their inability to reason very well in other to comprehend the reality of our time. They think United Nations is synonymous to Arewa Consultative Forum where people come to display crass stupidity and imbecility. Definitely, IPOB will always be a terror to every chronic economic leech. IPOB will never fail to be a thorn on the flesh of oppressors and merchants of death.

By mentioning people like Obasanjo, a man without honour and shame, the father of corruption. A man, whose administration recorded the highest assassination incidents in the history of governance in Nigeria is a clear testament to the fact that, Nigeria is a morally decayed and a compromised country.These mischief makers in the name of Coalition of Northern Groups was fast to pinpoint the counter threat that Nnamdi Kanu issued but failed woefully to beam their touch light on how Obasanjo instigated Nigerians to stop Nnamdi kanu and Biafra agitation by every possible means which expressly includes his assassination. Frankly speaking, it is a pure slap on the face of common sense and decency, when people like Obasanjo are being addressed as African Statesman. He lacks moral and political sagacity to be accorded such a lofty respect.

Moreover, it will be very delusional for anybody to believe that the view of some inconsequential, few disgruntled and selfish leaders from the South will override the ones of the majority( people). Those political shenanigans from the South who are condemning IPOB does that at their own peril. To us, their opinion does not count. After all, in a democratic system, the people have the final say. Arewa people should not be deceived because the condemnation from these men that lacks honour is meaningless and it cannot in anyway salvage already balkanized Nigeria.

Honestly, Biafrans can feel the glaring insincerity of these incoherent bandwagons of Coalition of Northern Groups over their call for referendum but we cannot be moved from our axis. One fact is still crystal clear, there is no alternative to what we are asking for- “REFERENDUM”. We must test the popularity of “one Nigeria” through the ballot box. One Nigeria through the barrel of the gun is a hoax and old fashioned. Anybody can concoct story just to discredit IPOB but the truth still remains that IPOB has shown their prowess in driving home the outright rejection of Nigeria and has remained the most largest, peaceful and non violent freedom fighting movement ever known in the history of mankind. Don’t get it twisted.

Therefore, we want to unequivocally advise the Coalition Of Northern Groups to desist from hanging on the fence on the issue of” Biafra question”. I will also suggest they tread with caution. Threat upon threat cannot bring the expected change and lasting peace. Remember, nobody has the monopoly of force. We choose the path of REFERENDUM because we are disciplined and civilised people. C.O.N.G, should as a matter of urgency and common sense heighten their call for a United Nation’s organised and monitored referendum for the Biafran people because their continuous dance of shame and feigning ignorance of the rudiments of self determinism is at their own peril. We thereby, state without mincing words that, the call for REFERENDUM made by IPOB is not, and will never be a call for WAR and IPOB is determined to follow all the necessary democratic footprints of self determination to achieve her goal. Such democratic footprints ranges from civil disobedience hence the ELECTION BOYCOTT directive among many others. The Coalition Of Northern Groups should not cry yet but wait for the tsunami that will swallow Nigeria come 18th November, 2017 billed for Anambra State’s gubernatorial election which Biafrans have been directed to boycott by sitting at home. IPOB is setting an unprecedented political precedence  by giving back power to the people and more ultimately, giving the poor masses a strong voice to always question any perceived anomaly. Political power belongs to the people and IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu is coming up with a bigger package for Nigeria, Africa and the entire world.

#FreeBenjaminMmadubugwu and others.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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