By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

As November 18, 2017 draws near, when Nigeria government will be receiving the greatest embarrassment of the millennium, Biafrans have vehemently agreed that there will be an unprecedented rejection, resistance and outright boycott of Anambra governorship election should Nigeria government refuse to organize a referendum for Biafra before October 1, 2017. Nigeria government will be totally embarrassed in the presence of both international and local observers, journalists and party agents if it tries to test the might of IPOB and their influence on Biafrans. Biafrans who have actively participated in Nigeria elections organized in Biafra Land by Nigeria government in electing their political representatives such as Senators, House of Rep Members and State Governors have nothing positive to show as dividends of democracy since 1999 gotten from the elected representatives if not ugly stories as follows:

1. Pitching tent with Nigeria armed forces in massacring Biafra youths without any reason other than Biafra agitation just as Gov. Willie Obiano did in (Onitsha & Nkpor IPOB Massacre), Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu in (Aba IPOB Massacre), Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa in (Asaba IPOB Massacre) and Gov. Nyesom Wike (Port-Harcourt IPOB/Trump Rally Massacre) all did against Biafrans in their states.
2. Supporting and celebrating the Gambaris after their foot soldiers called Fulani Herdsmen kill, maim, rape and destroy Biafrans in their towns of UKpabi-Nimbo, Awkunanaw and Awgu just as did by Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi when he hosted HRH Abubakar Sa’ad III (Sultan of Sokoto) in Enugu few days after Ukpabi Nimbo massacre.
3. Forceful confiscation of hundreds of hectares of lands from communities in Biafra Land and handing same over to Arewa Gambaris to build grazing fields for their janjaweeds and to build evil temples called Mosque just as Mr. Peter Obi did in Agulu Anambra state and Gov. Seriake Dickson did in Bayelsa state.
4. Embezzling of the huge federal allocations made for infrastructural development and other Capital projects in all states of Biafra Land. All 10 Governors of Biafra Land both in “South-East” and “South-South” are culpable in this crime.
5. Embezzling and diversion to personal accounts of all the 3-months quarterly legislative Constituency allowances designated for Constituency development in both Federal and state constituencies all over Biafra Land. (a) All the 30 Senators of ‘South-South’ and ‘South-East’ plus Sen. David Mark (from Idoma Biafra Land), Sen. Isaac Alfa (from Igala Biafra Land) and Sen. Matthew Urhoghide (from Igbanke Biafra Land) are all guilty of swallowing their constituency allowances under their stewardship to the detriment of all the electorates of Biafra Land in the 33 Senatorial zones of Biafra Land. (b) All the members of House of Reps, representing Federal Constituencies in Biafra Land are also guilty of the crime. (c) All the House of Assembly members of State Constituencies in Biafra Land are guilty of the crime of swallowing the development allowances meant for their constituencies.

In making it clear, Biafrans residing in all over Biafra Land assembled in Onitsha and passed a “Vote of No Confidence” on all the political office holders in Biafra Land and their representatives in Abuja as they are not representing Biafrans anymore. This Vote of No Confidence was passed on these politicians during the IPOB “No Election in Biafra Land” Campaign flag-off commissioned by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu himself in Omagba phase II Onitsha, Anambra state Biafra Land. It was at the flag-off in Onitsha that all the electorates of Biafra Land vowed before their Supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that no Biafran will participate or vote in Anambra governorship election come November 18, 2017. Unfortunately, many political gladiators of Anambra state want to test the might of IPOB as they are seen campaigning vigorously towards the election instead of advising Nigeria government to organize a referendum so that when Biafra is restored, they can continue playing their politics in a sovereign Biafra where nobody from Abuja or Sokoto will plant them as stooges of oppression on Biafran commoners any more.

As Nigeria government has declared political war against Biafrans through the instrumentality of Biafra Land greedy politicians and vowed that Biafrans must remain as slaves in Nigeria, the dice is now cast and battle-line drawn between the greedy politicians and Biafra Land electorates whose destinies have been enveloped by these greedy politicians for too long. As Anambra electorates has no power to stop the greedy politicians from campaigning now, November 18, 2017 is a day for Anambra state electorates to tell the greedy politicians that the politicians do not also have powers to force Biafrans out of their homes to go and vote in the elections. It still remains #NoElectionInAnambra. I rest my case!

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