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Improving security in Onitsha | The Sun News


By Atupulazi Jude 

 To walk successfully from Bridge Head, Onitsha, to Upper Iweka, in the same Onitsha, any time in the night is to achieve a feat. This is especially so if the person is carrying personal belongings or money. Not many are able to achieve that these days, no thanks to the marauding gangs of criminals, both petty and big time, who have rendered the once safe axis very unsafe for everybody.

Two weeks ago, a businessman and his apprentice had just come down from a vehicle around 10 pm at the Bridge Head area. There were four young men huddled together a little distance from where the businessman got down from the bus. Ordinarily, the scenario would not have raised eyebrows as the young men might just have been cooling off and savouring the cool night air. But, no sooner had the businessman and his boy got down from the bus than the four young men surrounded them with guns.

The man’s boy took off with a bag containing money and was promptly shot by one of…

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