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As Alec Baldwin Returned To Bash Trump, SNL Slammed With Terrible News

Written by for NBC’s Saturday Night Live returned from hiatus last night with guest host Louis C.K. and two Donald Trump skits featuring Alec Baldwin. However, if the network hoped the long-running comedy sketch program would return on a high note, executives were left disappointed. As soon as Baldwin began bashing Trump, SNL was slammed with some terrible news.

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Bombshell Found In Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Note — No One Can Believe It

Written by for Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of a 2013 murder and subsequently sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, was found hanging in his jail cell by corrections officers at approximately 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning. As more information continues to surface surrounding his surprising death, a bombshell discovery has been made …

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Trump Gets Last Laugh After Obama & Springsteen Plot Sick Scheme On Yacht

Written by for Barack and Michelle Obama were vacationing last week on a $300 million dollar yacht with their celebrity fans onboard. The trip was shrouded in secrecy with Oprah, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks all in attendance, fawning over the former president and his wife. Now, the sick scheme Obama and Springsteen plotted to thwart President Donald Trump has …

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Liberals Freak Out After Learning What Trump Put Under Hillary’s Portrait

Written by for Portraits of former presidents and their wives hang throughout the White House, and one prominent picture is that of Donald Trump’s 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton. While Trump can’t take down old crooked Hillary’s portrait, he can display whatever he wants near it, and when liberals saw what was found right below their failed candidate’s picture, they were …

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‘The View’ Compares Trump To Kim Jong-un, Now Watch Liz Warren’s Reaction

Written by for Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been making the rounds this week, systematically making a fool out of herself wherever she goes. On Wednesday, the Massachusetts Democrat visited the set of “The View,” where President Donald Trump was compared to brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. However, Warren’s reaction was perhaps even worse than the original blasphemous comparison.

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