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Black people on Merseyside three times more likely to be stopped by police


Black people in Merseyside are three times more likely to be stopped and searched compared to their white counterparts – the biggest gap on record.

The latest Home Office figures reveal that officers stopped and searched black people 198 times last year – meaning a black person has a one in 73 chance of being stopped and searched.

White people, on the other hand, were searched 6,244 times over the same period – meaning they have a one in 209 chance.

The figures are calculated proportionately, based on the number of people stopped and search as a percentage of Liverpool’s population – taking into account the fact there are more white people in Liverpool than any other ethnicity.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have said the figures are “disappointing” and called for a “comprehensive race strategy” to tackle the problem.

However a spokesperson for Merseyside Police said the force was “committed to making the most effective use of stop and search powers” and pointed out that ethnic minorities as a whole are less likely to be searched than white people.

There were 7,998 stop and searches in Merseyside in 2016-17 compared to 9,965 in 2015-16.

The figures show that while the racial disparity in stop and search has worsened in Merseyside over the last few years, the total number of searches has gone down.

The fact that certain ethnicities are still more likely to be targeted by stop and search in the region persists despite pressure from the…

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