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Biggest hint yet that Pep Guardiola will stay at Man City in the long-term


Planting roots

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is creating something special at the Etihad but there is always going to be a fear that he could leave.

Now, there has been the biggest hint yet that the Catalan boss is set to stay in Manchester for the long-term.

That is because a report today has revealed that Guardiola has spent more than £2million on a city-centre flat.

That will come as a huge boost for the club who are planning to commence talks with the manager in the summer over a new deal.

This will now give them confidence that they will be able to complete those talks with no problems coming up.

Talking on signing a new deal, Guardiola remained positive as always

“I’m happy living in the city,” Guardiola explained.

“I prefer to live in the city and be with the people. My commitment was last season when we didn’t win.”

“It looks like the commitment is higher because we’re winning but it was the same last season.”

Whether his opinion will change down the road is yet to be seen but it’s certainly good news for Man City right now.

Pep Guardiola is now looking at the short-term and will be targeting this weekend’s game against Crystal Palace.

That is because he will be able to match his own record of 19 straight wins, set by Bayern Munich.

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