At a point, Nigeria might have been said to was heading in the right direction towards economic growth, but when came to injustice and enslavement towards majority of the citizens, it’s a no go area.  Those who report the Nigeria’s economic growth never report the suffering of the 98% of Nigerian citizens. When world bank places Nigeria at the highest rank of countries with rapid economic growth, I knew it was a lie though, because Nigerian economy is the hardest economy to be defined. However, I was waiting to see a report of how this economic growth impacts the life of Nigerian citizens. So, I called it all, political juggernauts.  Now with the hate crimes from the Northern Muslims going on for a very long time and the fight to keep the Nigerian flag flying high, and the South easterners losing their lives at the hands of Fulani herdsmen and Nigerian police, Nigeria seems to be taking a step backwards. Well, it is going backwards in deed, or are Biafrans so blind to the fact that they are still enslaved in what has always been one Nigeria for Northern Hausa Islamic caliphate?

Here are 3 reasons why Biafrans are still enslaved even after a bloody war that claimed 3.5 million Biafrans. The North are less Educated but still determine the Educational System in Nigerian schools.
Since the Biafrans do not control their educational system, the Biafran-Nigerian history will never be truly known, and future Biafran children will see the world through the eyes of Hausa, Muslim, uneducated people. If you ever heard politicians say, “I must win the 2015 election”, he’s simply saying that it is settled.”  So, your vote was a formality, yet they talk democracy. Year in year out, Nigerian history is taught in the school system, and Biafrans have not even a day to tell their own story or celebrate their own history, yet they never question the system they participate, until radio Biafra emerges. Even then, there is only certain information that is being allowed to be taught to the students as history studies.

Every Southern politician must be Validated by northern political elites as the country whose power belongs to the North. Let’s face it! Unless southern politicians cling to the North, their political pursuit may be insignificant, they will never see the light of day. Biafrans have to struggle ten times harder than people in the North to validate their careers. Even those who attended some of the highest ranked Universities in Nigeria, and graduate top of their class, still must prove themselves to be qualified to take an entry level position.

Biafrans are too Infatuated with another people’s Culture.

Biafrans love, Yoruba and Hausa Culture in the spirit of one Nigeria. Why not? That is all they have been taught through the educational system. So, they are abandoning their own land and going around the west and North, developing new cities and exploring their lifestyle and culture.  But, what about going back to your Biafran homeland, and Developing the place as those places you love their culture. There should be no surprise that those Biafrans never sit and dream of making their own part of Nigeria look like where they are in Lagos or Kano.

These people are not in chains, however, their mindsets are chained and enslaved to the Nigerian political culture.  And So, they need an awakening. Mental slavery is a new form of warfare, the people are physically free but mentally enslaved. That’s why Kanu emerged. He’s sent to free Biafrans from mental slavery and he has liberated multitude, take it or leave it. What is going on in Nigeria now is revolution overdue and Kanu was chosen to lead the way. He smartly chose a non-violent form of revolution, same formula that made Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Lutter King popular. Nnamdi Kanu is today the most popular human being in Africa.

Nnamdi Kanu, as a messenger not a politician is engulfed in the spirit of truth. He is not allowed to see faces or tell lies. Like Nnamdi Kanu, hate him, you can’t stop him, nobody can stop him because he came with the truth. That’s what politicians don’t have. Nothing will overtake him, not even the lies from Buhari and the British media. There  are more with him than with Nigeria. So, you either listen to him and do as he says or perish with Nigeria. The emergence of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is the end of Nigeria. A good number of politicians are today chanting “restructuring” though not much from the North, however, any restricting that is not as stated on Aburi accord is as bad as it is now. Stand with Kanu and free yourselves from Nigeria’s enslavement.

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