The Nigerian government has lost recognition and relevance in Biafra land since October 1, 2017 due to her refusal to heed to the call of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to organize a referendum for Biafra on or before the said October 1st deadline. The Indigenous People of Biafra in Anambra State hereby warn the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to stay clear any part of Biafra land including Anambra State for any election or face the consequences. It could be recalled that Biafrans under the umbrella name of the Indigenous People of Biafra were recently declared as a “terrorist” organization by the occupational government of Nigeria through a black market court order by Justice Abdul Kafarati of the Nigerian Federal High Court and was gazetted by the Federal government of Nigeria.

As it is at the moment, Biafran populace does not have any iota of recognition for the Nigerian government as their Federal government; so any institution of the Nigerian government in Biafra land including INEC has lost relevance as well and should stay away from Biafran territories or face dire consequences. Moreover, the Biafran populace in Anambra State has unanimously rejected any election in Anambra State. What the people yearn for is Biafra referendum and not Anambra election. Should INEC officials disregard this warning from the people of Biafra in Anambra and go ahead to conduct any election against the will of the people, it simply means that the Nigerian government is overriding the will of Biafrans worldwide through INEC.

Let it be known to the occupational government of Nigeria, the Igbo governors and the world at large that Biafrans worldwide do not want elections in Biafra land anymore beginning with the Anambra election of November 18 and should INEC tries to impose the election on the unwilling people, then Biafrans in Anambra will not only boycott the election but also resist it at all cost because the election is standing between the people and their UN upcoming referendum. Biafrans have vowed to challenge anything including Nigerian elections. The world must know that Biafrans are no longer interested in Nigeria. Anambra election is a litmus to prove that. Special Biafran field battalions are already strategically positioned around Anambra State to make sure that there will be no election in Anambra State.

The people have spoken and it is obvious that what they want is “no more election” but a referendum to determine their stay in Nigeria. However, the information gathered by IPOB intelligence unit has it that the Anambra State government has hired rented voters from the neighbouring Kogi , Delta and Enugu States to disguise as Anambra eligible voters since the people have unanimously rejected the conduct of election in Anambra State. If such rented voters step into Anambra State, they will regret ever entering the State in the first place.

Finally, the Indigenous People of Biafra worldwide under the supreme command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is making the Biafran people residing in Anambra to know that IPOB is solidly behind them as they are expected to intensify their grassroots campaigns towards the Biafra restoration project which is presently premised on the 100% boycott of the election in Anambra. Let no threats, massacre and blackmails against IPOB make you people shake in your resolve to boycott the upcoming election in Anambra. Should we successfully boycott the election, we will be expecting Biafra referendum in the next 60 days.

It is now or never against Nigeria government and the politicians which they planted in our midst. It is important for us to know that no politician in Biafra land has seriously queried why the Nigerian government which has never designated Fulani herdsmen as terrorists would designate Biafrans as terrorists without any fair hearing from the people. In conclusion, there will be no election again in Biafra land because we are a terrorist organisation and terrorists do not vote. We do not recognize the Nigerian government any more in our land.

I rest my case!

Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Family Writers Press

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