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Aaron Judge catches fans’ hearts in an MLB season for the ages | Matthew Engel | Sport


On Sunday night at Yankee Stadium, Francisco Lindor of the Cleveland Indians hit a baseball towards the right‑field stands that was clearly destined to be a two-run homer. And not just any home run: one that would demolish the New York Yankees and send the Indians to the edge of the World Series.

Suddenly a great mitted hand rose from the depths, like the head of a sea monster, reached above the wall and snatched the ball from thin air. On its own, it was a superhuman catch: something more associated with the planet Krypton than the earthly Bronx. In context, it was devastating: the Indians, two games up in a best‑of‑five series, lost 1-0 that night. Late on Wednesday the Yankees completed their comeback and marched forward.

The sea monster was one Aaron Judge, the Yankees’ new star and a man who has taken the US by storm this summer. He is 6ft 7in, which helps at moments like that, and around 20 stone, which might not. His fielding, however, is merely a sideline….

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